My service offering is as follows

Specialised translations (including the fields of corporate communications, HR, business/finance, IT, contract law) for German->English and English->German
I will deliver top-quality specialised translations that are tailored to the target audience and that are faithful to your corporate terminology. Each translation is carefully reviewed and delivered on-time in the appropriate layout.

Translation and certification of official documents
I have been certified as a sworn translator and liaison interpreter for the English language by Heidelberg District Court. I will be happy to translate and certify civil status certificates and other certificates and documents that you may require in certified form, either in Germany or abroad. I can also supply an apostille if necessary.

Proofreading of German and English texts
I will be delighted to proofread your texts for linguistic and grammatical correctness, coherent formulations and for style that is appropriate to your target group and text type. If required I can also proofread academic papers for correct citations and formal accuracy.

Liaison interpreting
I will be happy to accompany you as a liaison interpreter (exclusively for consecutive interpreting) to appointments with the immigration office, registry office, and with courts and other authorities. I will of course be happy to assist you at other business events. Should you require a simultaneous or conference interpreter, I will be happy to recommend a suitable colleague from my network.

Language training: German as a Foreign Language
Have you been transferred to Germany by your company and now you want to speak German well enough to be able to make yourself understood in a professional context? I can offer you tailored lessons to meet your specific needs.